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Welcome to Holina Free Spirit

Where Change is Inspired by 
Challenge and Choice

For Teens and Young Adults Everywhere


We accept rolling admission all year long. Contact us for information.



 June 24th - August 15th

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Fall Semester 2024

Spring Semester 2025


The Programs at Holina Free Spirit

 We offer young-adult and teen programs year-round, including an incredible, meaningful and fun summer program, a gap-year program in two semesters in Israel and Italy, and rolling admission programs for the unexpected crisis. For our participants’ parents and families we also offer a family week filled with challenging and productive experiences. 


Summer Program

Our Summer experience is appropriate for teens or young adults during their summer vacation. It is geared for those experiencing some personal or interpersonal challenges, but typically manage to get by during the school year. For some, the personal price they pay during the school year causes additional difficulties such as isolation, depression, frustration, and low self-image. Some of our participants are transitioning through schools or living situations and come to Holina Free Spirit to enable a smoother and more successful transition. Our young adult summer program accommodates both alumni and new participants who wish to experience our unique programming for the short summer duration, sometimes exploring gap year options or preparing for more independent life in college.

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Rolling Admission

We realize that your family might be experiencing unexpected crisis which you couldn’t plan for and may be in need of more immediate solutions. We are here to help.

We accept participants on a rolling admission basis, year-round.   

Gap Year

Free Spirit offers a full gap year program, September to May and January to August. It is designed for Young Adults, ages 18-24 who wish to have a successful transition into young adulthood, or may need to regroup or restart due to "failure to launch" challenges.
Our Gap Year programs take place in Israel, Italy, and, occasionally in Cyprus and are ran  Free Spirit Experience. For more information, please visit their website.

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Our Location

Holina Free Spirit Experience is located on a farm campus in Cyprus is located in the agricultural area just north-east of Larnaca. It is a small facility or 4 acres, hosting farm animals such as horses, goats, chickens, ducks, and geese, as well as fruit trees. Accommodations, including airconditioned rooms, bathrooms, and kitchenets, are spread across the farm, while the main areas include a kitchen and dinning hall on one end, and a club and shaded R&R zone on the other end of the farm and of course, our swimming pool.

Our Philosophy

The pillars of our work are grounded in the Challenge by Choice (CBC) philosophy, community life, and immersive, experiential therapies. Together, as a community, we create a significant, positive, and lasting effect on people’s lives, be it teens and young-adult participants, families, visitors, and also ourselves.

Contact Us

Kibbutz Hazorea, 3658100, Israel


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