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Our Trauma Support Program

Healing Together, Thriving Forever

In the wake of the Iron Sword War, Free Spirit decided to leverage all our resources and capabilities to provide assistance and support to survivors of the "Nova" music festival, held in the south on October 7. Over 3,000 people attended the festival, which tragically became a target for the terroritst. Many lost their lives, many were injured, and others were abducted to Gaza. Those who were fortunate enough to survive the event often experienced deep trauma.

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About Us

Our standard operations at Free Spirit involve addressing the challenges faced by youth worldwide, from anxiety and depression to trauma and various obstacles hindering integration into community life. Quickly realizing the scale of the events would prevent organized assistance to all victims, especially one backed by the necessary experience and knowledge, we established a support program for participants of the "Nova" festival.

The Program

The three-day program takes place at our campus in Kibbutz Hazorea, an area, at least for now, beyond the reach of sirens and events. It provides an ideal setting for such a program. Participants gather on the opening day in a sociable and open atmosphere, getting to know one another, the team, the professionals, and, most importantly, the physical surroundings. Following introductory rounds and general explanations, the group engages in a variety of activities ranging from group discussions in nature and our club-house (a large communal room used for meetings) to group and personal sessions, more or less formal discussions, and holistic and social activities. Each participant has complete autonomy in choosing whether to participate in any activity, although, in practice, almost all participants engage in all activities and experiences.

Watch Channel 11 Report about the program


Support, assistance, guidance, advice, and continuous help are available throughout the program. This occurs in the evening around the bonfire, in various workshops, on trips and discussions, with an emphasis on choosing to share. As part of their stay, participants also enjoy a chef's meal (optional), yoga, ceramics, painting, massage, and more.


Upon completion of the program, we maintain contact with participants (at their discretion) and offer ongoing support, connections to the community, and continued therapeutic assistance in their living environment, as needed. The communities formed at the end of each group have become one of the most exciting surprises of the program, and some participants even return for another cycle to continue the experience and help others.


Get in Touch

We would love to hear from you! If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our team is here to support you.

To help us keep operating the program, please visit our donation page.

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Thank You!

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