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Internship Semester - Italy

The Second Semester of the Gap Year program provides invaluable life and vocational experiences crucial for personal development and a seamless-as-possible transition into one's next step, academic or vocational.

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Program Goals:

  • Experience higher levels of independence while having to maintain a productive work schedule.

  • Providing safety-net structure to the typical post program regression we have learned to expect.

  • Exploring one's strengths and weaknesses in a self-sustaining environment.

  • Exploring one's interests and passions vis-a-vis future career path

Program Highlights:

  • Participants will reside in shared apartments with fellow students.

  • In certain instances, participants may have the option to be hosted by a local family.

  • A dedicated trained staff will be accessible daily to offer both organizational and emotional support.

  • Therapeutic supervision will be available throughout the entire semester.

  • Approximately once a month, students will have the chance to engage in structured trips across Italy during weekends.


Internship Locations and Objectives:

The internship offers two optional locations, with one situated in Latina (central Italy, near Rome) and the other in Turin (northern Italy). Both locations provide internship opportunities aimed at cultivating:


  • A heightened sense of responsibility

  • Increased self-confidence

  • Enhanced leadership skills

  • Improved relational abilities

  • A reflective attitude

  • Effective time management skills

  • A strong sense of entrepreneurship


Organizational Structure:

Our Italian partners, Kamaleonte, are responsible for providing essential organizational support for the internship, training, retreats, and daily life.


Our local staff member and psychologist in Italy will manage communication with the families and oversee the supervision of individual programs.


At each location, a dedicated trained staff will assist participants in organizing their internship activities and navigating their daily lives. Additionally, a tutor at each internship site will be responsible for supporting participants within their specific working context.


Our Offerings:

  • Weekly life coaching, working on independent time management, self-discipline, problem solving, etc. 

  • Therapeutic supervision to ensure the well-being of participants.

  • Weekly online meetings or texts (WhatsApp) to provide parents with updates.

  • Accommodation, including student apartments or family stays in double rooms.

  • Provision of daily meals.

  • Three-day group retreats twice during the semester (in January and April).

  • Monthly passes for local public transport where necessary.

  • Free time on weekends and evenings for self-exploration and self-reflection, preparing for the real-world post Free Spirit.


Experience and Internship Program in Latina:

Latina, originally founded as Littoria in 1932 during the fascist administration, is a seaside town located approximately 40 minutes from Rome.

The internship experience in Latina predominantly revolves around educational/touristic and artistic craftsmanship. Our local partners specialize in organizing educational tours in Italy, catering to schools, children, and adult groups supported by the EU Erasmus+ program. 

Additionally, participants may have the opportunity to work with Marco, a skilled luthier producing violins in Bassiano, a medieval village near Latina.


Program Overview:

  • January: Upon arrival, participants will engage in a 3-day retreat. This period is dedicated to acclimating to the new environment in Bassiano, a village near Latina, and includes an introduction to the internship, along with daily Italian language workshops. Students will receive support in clarifying their intentions and objectives for both the overall experience and the internship. During weekends, students can choose from a variety of social, cultural, and sports activities.


  • February: The focus shifts to the internship, daily Italian language workshops, and a one-week residential training course designed for international youth workers from across Europe (a formal training in the youth leadership and educational field).


  • March to May: The majority of the internship will involve supporting 3 to 5 residential outdoor and educational activities tailored for groups of young people.


  • April: The internship continues, and a 4-day group hike in the Apennines serves as a retreat for sharing and cooperative learning.


While the proposed schedule outlines the main activities, we are open to considering individual internship requests outside of this plan. However, feasibility will be assessed based on the prevailing conditions at that time.


Experience and Internship Program in Turin:

The internship in Turin unfolds within an I.T. Company, specifically at Accessiway—an Israeli-Italian joint venture specializing in Digital Accessibility. Accessiway holds the distinction of being the largest company of its kind in Italy and one of the major players in Europe, boasting offices in Vienna, Paris, and Berlin.


Internship opportunities at Accessiway are diverse, tailored to the skills of the candidates. Participants have the chance to engage in various departments of the company, spanning IT and UX/UI, market analysis and research, training, and even marketing activities. Nestled in the picturesque historic center of Turin, the offices provide a dynamic and youthful working environment. For further details, refer to

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