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Semester 2 - Internship

January - May (apx. 12 weeks)

Think of what you always wanted to do or learn, and do it! We offer various options in Israel: Take advantage of the vital start-up nation and find an internship incorporating technology or business, basic military training, agriculture, culinary and more. 

This part is mainly about independency, as we encourage the participants to manage their lives and make healthy choices almost entirely on their own. Our acquaintanceship with each participant allows us to guide and structure each internship according to your needs and levels of support. It is also about finding a purpose and following through on your decisions, making the most out of this experience. We support the participants throughout this time, both locally and remotely. 


Combined with our group gatherings and activities, as you learn to know them during our first semester, this is a great opportunity to continue your personal growth and development, having our support on the one hand, and experiencing independency on the other.

Bellow, you may find some of the options available. Furthermore, if your dream is not listed here, let us know. We will work hard to make it happen. 

Villa Vitrage- Hospitality and sustainability

Interested in the exciting world of travel and tourism?
Do you like to work with people and also have your quiet moments?
Villa Vitrage allows you to experience diverse jobs like working on the front desk, taking care of the social media of the resort, working on the garden or kitchen, and doing everything in a very welcoming environment.
Kitchen work


If you’ve ever wondered… How would it feel to wear the uniform of the Israel Defense Forces? What do Israelis go through when they enlist? Could I really do it? Then Marva might be for you.
Israeli life
Meeting people from around the world

Kibbutz Hazorea- staying close... being independent

If you want to stay close to the place and people that they know from the first semester.
Great choice if you to work in and experience the kibbutz community life and more independently.
Community life.
Working days.
More daily support and supervision

Mobile Devices Technician Course (Cellphones & Tablets)

A student that successfully completed the course requirements, will receive a certificate stating he or she is a “Certified Mobile Technician” recognized by the “Israeli Association for Cellular Technicians”.
Living around the Kibbutz

Green Apprenticeship Program

Permaculture and Ecological Design Training Course
Four weeks practical training program in hands-on sustainable living. You will learn about the design, building and running of various projects.
Community life

Open Valley Yoqneam/Ramat Yshai

Live in the Kibbutz area and work in an open space to develop your idea for a start-up, book, music, and more.

First aid course and practice

Over the past few decades the field of Emergency Medicine has been quickly emerging and developing. Spreading across countries just as soon as it began to take form, first among professionals and then, as it solidified, amongst the general population.
This development came from the clear understanding that an exhaustive and full medical training is not necessary to acquire the skills needed to save lives. Rather, a certain basic training is sufficient to provide the tools for critical first aid even for those who do not work in the medical field on a daily basis.

The Israeli trail

A unique way to discover Israel, walk on her roads, and meet the people.
You can challenge yourself and do the trail from the north to the south or choose parts of it.
We recommend doing it with Israelis travelers or friends from the group.
Free Spirit will give you the equipment, the guidance, and the back for all you need to enjoy the challenge.


Working with kids
Independent residence
Office internship
Social media internship

Ulpan Kibbutz- your way to study Hebrew

Living in a Kibbutz, Learning Hebrew, Meeting people, study life and working skils, group life, voulentring , tours

Kaima Nahalal

Provides employment (a powerful tool for self-improvement) and cultivate other practical skills which foster curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking for girls and young women facing significant barriers to social and academic advancement.

Halav im ha Ruah - goats with the wind

Help turning hay into pots of yogurt, Ricotta and Lebaneh.
Live in the farm

​Matania's farm

Farm life
Working with animals
Independent living

Archaeological Dig & Excavation

For some, archaeology is a form of time travel – a way to peer into the past to gain a richer understanding of our world today, and our place in it. If you are curious about ancient people, wondering about who they were, where they came from, and what struggles and successes they encountered along the way, this option might be the right one for you.
Accross the country - verious locations.
Live in the Kibbutz or in a remote location.
* Option for Undergraduate Field School Credit (available through The University of Hawaii and other institutes).

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