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If you’ve ever wondered… How would it feel to wear the uniform of the Israel Defense Forces? What do Israelis go through when they enlist? Could I really do it? Then Marva might be for you.
Israeli life
Meeting people from around the world


Do you want to be part of something great? Do you want to see Israel as you have never seen it before? Are you looking to challenge yourself and push your limits?

Join the Ultimate Israel Experience!
Marva is a unique 8 weeks opportunity to experience the beauty and challenges of Israel through the eyes of the IDF.

Through hiking the land, living in field conditions, and going through lessons and lectures, you will learn hands-on the issues of the country. Marva will help you strengthen your ties to Israel, whether you’re a tourist or a potential new immigrant. It is a group experience like no other.

The program is based in the south of Israel on a Gadna base, but participants will spend considerable time in various other parts of the country, including Jerusalem, the Golan Heights, the Galilee, and more. Through hikes, lectures, lessons, and physical activities, participants partake in real-life training exercises and live in actual army conditions. Hard military-style discipline is enforced in all activities, making this experience challenging and satisfactory

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