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Our Passion to Inspire Others

Philosophies of change. We first and foremost believe in the value of human connection. Our staff are amazing individuals, all strive to connect and engage in meaningful experiences together but, at the same time, each of them is unique and different in many ways.  


Free Spirit Holina in Cyprus is located on an isolated farm not far from Larnaca, Cyprus. The campus is in a remote location and residents will not have access to substances during their stay. We highly recommend a 90-day commitment, and during that time your loved one will live substance-free, regulate their brain chemistry, strengthen and reconnect with their body, develop a mindfulness practice, and most importantly, untangle the issues that may have led to their substance use or self-medicating behaviors in the first place.


Our program is geared toward youth and young adults from around the globe who are ready to engage in a meaningful experience away from home, working through various personal and interpersonal obstacles including substance use and other addictive behaviors.


* We are not a hospital and are not set up for medical detox. We are an ideal place for someone coming out of rehab and looking for safe and supportive after-care where they can deepen their recovery practice.

Our treatment philosophy

Our Philosphy

Challenge by Choice: Our treatment philosophy is based on Self Determination Theory, focusing on creating Connection and Relatedness, Competency, Autonomy, and Meaning. These conditions facilitate positive and self-directed growth and healing. We treat everyone with great care and respect and empower each person to take charge of their own process. 

Social connection as a powerful vehicle: Being a part of a community offers many significant advantages to the process, from connection and relatedness to feedback and support. We all learn great lessons in the community context: Flexibility and humility, helping others and receiving help and care, relying on others and being consistent so others can rely on you, and much more.


Experience and reflect: The mind-body connection is evident in all aspects of our lives. For our treatment process, the combination of experiential learning alongside reflection in many ways allows for self-exploration, inner growth, and ultimately facilitates generalizing gains and positive experiences to larger life-long changes. From emotion regulation and coping to social interactions and everyday functioning, this is how lessons learned become habits and skills for the future. 


Substance use and other addictions: Many unproductive behaviours serve us in various ways, from soothing and protecting ourselves to filling our socio-emotional voids or providing much-needed excitement. Unfortunately, these come at a price in the form of damage to our physiological, chemical, emotional, functional, social, or other aspects of our well-being. We aim to reduce the harm caused by such usage, establish alternative and more wholesome and productive ways to address the same needs, and enhance each person’s resilience in coping with hardships and challenges. Each person’s treatment looks unique, and each addictive behavior presents specific challenges we focus on.     

Lastly, when possible, we love to work with families and other support networks. No person is an island all to one’s self. A successful transition to the next step can be supported by an appropriate shift at home, including the opportunity to revisit lingering grievances.  

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