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About Holina Free Spirit

Free Spirit Experience was founded in Israel in 2015 aiming to open to the international community the unique and powerful community based Israeli approach to helping families, youth, and young adults overcome obstacles and foster healing and growth. In 2023, we joined hands with Holina, Thailand, a rehab community with a holistic, non-traditional approach to substance use treatment. Our vision and aim are To Be Recognized As A Leading International Program, Offering The Ideal, Tailord Process For Youth And Young Adults In Times Of Crisis And Growth, Practicing And Teaching Individual And Community Values.


Our background is comprised of over 100 years of accumulated experience in the fields of psychological treatment, at-risk youth, out of home care, alternative modalities of treatment and healing, informal education, and more. In Israel, Free Spirit Experience had helped over 500 international youth and young adults over the past 8 years and had shown significant evidence for positive outcomes.

Free Spirit is a challenge-by-choice, community-based, experiential program for youth and young adults who seek to better their lives through various challenges and obstacles. Our participants typically enjoy a meaningful sense of belonging and connection with peers and adults, as well as being a valuable member of our community. They often reflect on this period of life as one of their happiest times.


The process is led and supported by immersive therapy, where our therapists and other professional staff are “on the ground”, working, cooking, hiking, and also relaxing together, as an integral part of the community. This helps translate every and any experience into personal growth and gain insights that can generalize to many other aspects of life. This also allows our staff to capitalize on real-life opportunities, often in the form of crisis or feeling stuck, to further the therapeutic process.


The farm in Cyprus is located in the agricultural area just north-east of Larnaca. It is a small facility or 4 acres, hosting farm animals such as horses, goats, chickens, ducks, and geese, as well as fruit trees. Accommodations, including airconditioned rooms, bathrooms, and kitchenets, are spread across the farm, while the main areas include a kitchen and dinning hall on one end, and a club and shaded R&R zone on the other end of the farm.

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