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A Typical Day

Typical days in Free Spirit Experience programs may be spent on the farm, at nearby beaches or other attractions, or away on longer expeditions. Here are some examples of what those days might look like. 

Free Spirit - River

Routine days on the farm

7:45am       Wake up and get ready

8:00-8:30    Farm chores (such as feeding the horses and geese)

8:45-9:45    Breakfast and morning meeting (check-in, review daily plans and goals)

10:00          Morning Period activities
                   (Activities vary and might include Krav Maga, yoga, photography, music, community                         service, art, special projects on the farm, and more)

1:00pm       Lunch

1:45pm       Downtime, individual meetings, reading, school work if needed

3:30pm       Mid-day meeting (Discussion of a leading question plus reflection)

4:00pm       Afternoon period (Like the morning session, activities vary.)

6:00pm       Dinner prep

7:30pm       Dinner and clean-up

9:30pm       End-of-Day meeting (check-in, conclusions and resolutions)

10:45pm     Winding down and bedtime


Sailing Free Spirit
Farm Work at Free Spirit

Special excursions

Typically, once a week, we explore the country. We might visit coastal towns including Larnaca, Agia or Napa, or the capital city of Nicosia. We could tour an archaeological site or go for a hike. 


Excursions usually include touring as well as connecting with inspirational people and stories. Schedules on these days vary depending on the destination and activities.




Expeditions are three- to five-day trips in the outdoors. Expeditions include exploring the Troodos Mountains, Cavo Greko, and sailing in the Mediterranean. 

Each day's schedule is discussed and decided on by the group
and might include:

  • Morning meeting (group plan, day overview, personal goals review)

  • Breakfast and organizing for departure

  • Skills acquisition based on need

  • Hiking and navigation, challenges and processing

  • Lunch

  • Night base arrival

  • Shelter and food prep

  • Late dinner

  • Day summary meeting

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