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Meet Our Head Staff

Committed to Our Participants

Tamir Rotman

Dr. Tamir Rotman

Director of Change

Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology (Clark University in Massachusetts), Tamir has over 25 years of experience working with youth and young adults in countless settings. Working both inside and outside of the therapy room with youth from various cultures, difficulties and needs. Among others, Dr. Rotman have spent 20 summers at Camp Ojibwa in the Wisconsin North Woods, 2 years as the clinical director at “Lotan’s Way”, a not-for-profit specializes in desert-wilderness therapeutic expeditions for at-risk youth, and a milieu psychologist in residential care settings for troubled youth both in the U.S. and in Israel. Tamir Has been with us as a founder and clinical director since the inception of Free Spirit. He travels regularly to Cyprus and overseas the therapeutic process.

Zahi Billet

Tzahi Billet

Program Director

M.A. in Public Administration and certified group counsellor-facilitator, DBT specialist, and 12-step group facilitator, Tzahi is an avid educator with vast experience in the field of residential care mamangement, at-risk youth and crisis intervention. For 10 years since its inception, Tzahi worked at “Nirim”, an Israeli youth village for troubled youth with a focus on outdoor therapy, as a field guide, supervisor, and in the youth village management. Tzahi is a proud father of 5 wonderful children. Tzahi is the founder of Free Spirit and he advises and supervises staff on our Cyprus campus, on location and long-distance.

Uri Hetz

Uri Hetz

Director of Experiential Education

M.A. in natural and environmental resource management, B.SC. in biology from Haifa University, and a teaching certificate from Oranim College. Uri taught for 6 years at the "Hebrew Reali" School in Haifa in many roles. In the reserve-forces Uri advanced to the level of a company commander. In 2012 Uri lived in Berlin, Germany. On his return to Israel, Uri with his wife moved to Kibbutz Hazorea where he integrated into the educational system while leading Israeli and international youth projects, some in collaboration with the Reali school and the Kibbutz. Uri’s main role at Free Spirit the experiential education and competence-based hands-on project work, which is at the core of our curriculum. Uri is one of our founders and he spends his time between Israel and the farm in Cyprus, running creative-fabrication projects. 

Rami Bader

Rami Bader

Managing Director

Rami’s passions are sailing and teaching. A successful and prolific entrepreneur and investor, Rami dedicated much of his spare time to teaching sailing in Israel’s sailing clubs. At Free Spirit, Rami directs our sailing program and heads our amazing Cyprus expedition. He adds a significant value as an instructor and a mentor to our youth, able to reach and teach the secrets of sailing to our various youth and young adults. Rami also brings to the table as a mentor his incredible experience from the world of startups and business entrepreneurship around the globe. In his role at Free Spirit, he focuses on business development, administration and collaborations. Rami is the spirit behind the farm, and he manages collaborations, special projects and logistics support. 


Yasmin Raanan

Yasmin has a Bachelor in Education, and for the past 20 years she has worked as an educator and a consular for teens and young adults, mostly in Kibbutzim in North Israel and in the Golan Heights. Yasmin's personal tool box includes trauma work, theater and drama, which she finds useful as an instrument to empower our youth. For Yasmin, compassion and education are a life-long mission, and her impact on our community and individuals within it is unparallel. she enjoys impact the next generation, and equip them with useful skills and positive spirit. Yasmin lives in Kibbutz Hazorea with her husband, kids and their dog, Chello. She travels to Cyprus for significant periods of time and helps create and maintain the inclusive and supportive culture we are known for.  

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