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Sean Carmeli

1993 - 2014


 “I started the year with donating blood at the base. Hope everyone has a good holiday, a good year, and that you all will know that somebody is taking care of you during the holiday. Sean Carmeli won’t let anything happen to Israel. Don’t worry. Wishing a sweet year to all the Jewish people in the world.”

Sean Carmeli   16.12.2012

The program “Free Spirit” was founded in memory of Sgt. Nissim Sean Carmeli, a Golani fighter who was killed in the Gaza strip on July 20th, 2014. Sean was a free spirit, who lived every day to its fullest. His greatest attributes were definitely his smile and his laughter, and he always knew how to soak in all the good around him. His friends saw him as a role model and an inspiration not only on how to act, but also on his attitude towards life. His goodness was prevalent even when least expected. Sean was always surrounded by so much love, and he knew how to spread that love everywhere he was.

Sean Carmeli

To whom it may concern

A project has been presented recently in commemoration of

our dearest Sean Carmeli,

who fell last July in operation ‘Tsuk Eitan.’

Sean, born and raised in Texas, served as a lone soldier in the Golani Unit. He was a kind soul, social in his character, athletic and outgoing, and most importantly loved by everyone around him. According to many, Sean’s unusual funeral, connecting thousands of people living within Israel, became a symbol of unity during the war.

The educational/therapeutic project, known as “Free Spirit,” has been initiated by two respectable persons, Tzahi Billet and Gal Farchi, both coming from the educational field. They proposed the project to our family in honor of Sean, whom they felt a deep connection to. In addition, Dr. Tamir Rotman will also be joining the project in emphasis of its therapeutic aspect.

During such a difficult time, we are open and full of gratitude regarding such a well thought and influential project. It was significantly important for us that Sean’s memory will live, and we are certain that he would be very proud of such a project, combining both his love for Israel and his Jewish identity whilst coming from abroad, tolerance of others, and willingness to genuinely help those who need it.

Furthermore, the name “Free Spirit” is precise in the sense that Sean was a free spirit himself, one who enjoyed life and lived each moment to its fullest.

We fully support this initiative and believe that it is a brilliant idea that may benefit and possibly change the lives of others, as well as appropriate to representing Sean.

Carmeli Family, July 2015

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